Nora Chipaumire

nora chipaumire was born in 1965 in what was then known as Umtali, Rhodesia (now Mutare, Zimbabwe). She is a product of colonial education for black native Africans - known as group B schooling - and has pursued other studies at the University of Zimbabwe (law) and at Mills College in Oakland, CA (dance). Until the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, chipaumire has been touring #PUNK 100%POP *N!GGA (verbalized as hashtag punk, one hundred percent pop, star nigga), a three-part live performance album that received two Bessie Awards in 2019. Her ongoing work includes long-term research project nhaka, a technology-based practice and process to her artistic work which instigates and investigates the nature of black bodies and the products of their imaginations. nhaka bhuku 1 has been published in 2020 at the courtesy of Matadero Publishing House (Spain). Her upcoming work will be an opera.