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Lilian Maximillian Nabaggala

  • Fellow 2022
  • Dancer and choreographer from Uganda
  • Cooperation partner: Kettly Noël (Mali / France)

Lilian Maximillian Nabaggala
Kettly Noël

Lilian Maximillian Nabaggala is a female interdisciplinary artist based in Uganda working in the fields of dance, choreography, fashion, and education. Her identity as a choreographer is based on her strong skills in and passion for four distinct areas of dance: street, Ugandan traditional, contemporary, and Latin. She is part of different grass root organizations and projects; amongst others, she is co-founder of Afrooted (USA & UGA) as well as co-creator, committee member, and festival organizer of Batalo East (UGA). Lilian has been a resident dance artist at Art Omi (US) and guest artist and lecturer at the University of Maryland Washington DC (US).

During her fellowship, Lilian will cooperate with Kettly Noël, Haitian choreographer, and director of both Dense Bamako Danse festival (MLI) and Port-au-Prince Performance festival (HTI) as well as of the Donko Seko Choreographic Centre (MLI). Lilian’s interest is drawn to Noël’s political approach to dance, exploring and transgressing dated ideas of ethnic identity and womanhood. As well, she is motivated to cooperate with Kettly Noël to broaden her understanding of choreographic techniques to find new ways to integrate the knowledge of diverse dance genres she has acquired over the years and thus develop her own unique aesthetic. In the context of the fellowship, Lilian will be shadowing the choreographic process of Noël’s new work in Haiti.

„Lilian’s experience and knowledge of street dance and traditional dance in Uganda intersects with her interest in experimentation. She is willing to step forth and take risks.
This fellowship is an opportunity for two African female artists to create a precious bridge of solidarity and experience. Lilian has chosen to work with Kettly Noël because of Noël’s political approach to dance, exploring and transgressing ethnic identity and womanhood. This South-South exchange will be a catalyst to develop Lilian’s artistic identity both on and off stage. Having a mentorship from another black female choreographer based in Africa will be hugely beneficial, 'as there are still very few of us'."
- Jury Statement