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Workshops in Wuppertal

Friday, January 26th, 2018
2.00-5.00 p.m.
Café Ada, Wiesenstr. 6, 42105 Wuppertal

Following their personal Fellowship stays abroad, Fellowship holders Antonio and Shika are returning to Wuppertal in January 2018. They would like to give insight into their work as dance artists with a three-hour workshop and exchange ideas with other young local dancers and students. Come and meet Antonio and Shika!

Antonio's statement on the workshop:
The workshop will draw on a recent trend in Uganda encompassed under the umbrella of the phrase ‘traditional meets urban dance’. The workshop will act as a space where a fusion between traditional Ugandan dance and urban dance techniques (e.g- Hiphop) will be explored. During this investigation, I aim to share how my community dance background guides my approach to teaching and learning, as the participants and I engage in movements and cultural narratives. Through discussion and practical activities, the workshop will expose participants to a first-hand experience of how dance can create new youth communities and identities in urban areas in East Africa.

Shika's statement on the workshop:
„Dance is a constant dialogue“ - The motivation behind dancing is definitely the joy of free movement. Therefore, my aim in this workshop is to build a temporary environment for exchanges, learning and a free space for expression - by providing alternative contemporary movement forms from my ongoing investigation of contemporary dance by internal impulse from being a Nubian Egyptian African. In the workshop we will blend several styles and energies, essentially motivated and influenced from African dance(s) (Nubian, West African, Zimbabwean and South African) and Western dance styles.

Following the workshop we are inviting all participants to exchange ideas with coffee and cake.

Register before 10th January 2018