Mohamed Yousry “Shika”

  • Fellow 2017
  • Dancer, Egypt
  • Cooperating Partner: Nora Chipaumire, Zimbabwe/ USA

Mohamed Y. Shika
Nora Chipaumire

Mohamed Yousry “Shika”, is an Egyptian dancer of Nubian origin. He graduated from Cairo University and worked in commercial dance before joining the Cairo Contemporary Dance Center (CCDC) (2012-2015). In 2015 he became the first Egyptian to join Ecole Des Sables (EDS) in Senegal (2015-2017), and he became a CEC ArtsLink Residency recipient. In 2016 he had been chosen to participate in P.A.R.T.S/EDS exchange program. Shika’s studies in dance and choreography are shaped by internationally renowned masters, such as Vincent Mantsoe, Germaine Acogny, Francesco Scavetta, Sophiatou Kossoko, Frey Faust and Reggie Wilson. Receiving the Pina Bausch Fellowship 2017, Shika’s artistic guide in research for a contemporary new perspective of African dances and its body-concepts will be Brooklyn based performer and choreographer Nora Chipaumire.

Trailer "circuit" by Dalia El Abd
Extract from ‘AXIS’ by Dalia El Abd (work in progress).
Trailer "Aquí y allí", by Libertad Pozo

Shika's Report