Portrait Alexandre Achour
© Thies Rätzke

Alexandre Achour

  • Fellow 2018
  • Choreographer, based in Berlin
  • Cooperating partner: Xavier Le Roy, France

Alexandre Achour
Xavier Le Roy

Alexandre Achour is interested in examining the process of how specific artistic, cultural and social performances shape the perception of dance. His work « This isn’t gonna end well » was supported in 2014 by the cultural programme of the European Union through the Project « Life Long Burning ». In 2015 he created « Speaking about the ghost » within the frame of K3 – Zentrum für Choreographie | Tanzplan Hamburg. In 2016 he developed in collaboration with Guo Rui and the Guangdong Modern Dance Company « 舞蹈,我们何时进入了当代? "Dance expressions : when did we become contemporary?" ». He collaborates with Tino Seghal, Xavier Le Roy, Saša Asentic? amongst others. He holds an MA in choreography from Hochschule übergreifendes Zentrum Tanz Berlin. He graduated from a Bachelor of Arts from London Contemporary Dance School and a Bachelor of Biology from Université Claude Bernard Lyon, France.

Alexandre's fellowship report

„One of the main decisions to select Achour’s works was his intentions to deconstruct the conventional relation between audiences and the observed work and his very unusual approach to collecting, staging and refining content. His work displays a bold choice, developed in depth, with detail and refinement, layered with simple elements that evoke social and political references to current situations in the world. His work was striking, almost hypnotic it its carefully designed minimalism. He has already worked with the cooperating partner, Xavier LeRoy, and this new phase will happen in several locations, with different cultural approaches. This will enable the deepening of an already fruitful collaboration, which we feel will add to Achour’s research, offering new perspectives to accomplish the creation of new perceptual relations between public and the aesthetic and political statements of its work.“

- Jury-Statement