Portrait Ariel Moreira
© Palo Bizzari

Ariel Moreira

  • Fellow 2019
  • Dancer, based in Unquillo, Argentina
  • Cooperation partner: Subbody Resonance Butoh Himalayan Dance School (India)

Ariel Moreira
Subbody Resonance Butoh Himalayan Dance School

Ariel Moreira lives in Unquillo (Argentina) and recently graduated in Contemporary Dance from Cordoba Province University. Following his desire to build up a deeply genuine way of dancing, Ariel will attend the Subbody Resonance Butoh Himalaya Dance School (India), where he will research butoh dance.

„We were struck by the strength of expression of Ariel Moreira's deeply personal and unconventional work, and the powerful resonance and relation with the natural world and all that it inspires and provokes. In his statement he declares “I am interested in those “dark” aspects of life conventionally not dealt with in commercial western dance forms, such as illness, insanity, poverty or death. I am convinced that there is great political potential in embracing such culturally avoided, obscure aspects of human existence, as this may be the key to personal deconstruction and, consequently, to rethinking the ways we move and live”. He aspires to “digging into one’s self and shaping the unknown aspects of our mind into a genuine, deconstructed dance”, and in this his choice of mentor, Rhizome Lee and the Subbody Resonance Butoh Himalaya Dance School, is completely coherent in terms of the nature and quality of the work developed there, as well as for the impact of the natural setting of the school and its influence on the work. An urgent sense of humanity in a hyperconnected and digitized world where our connection to nature is lost: this seems to characterise and unite both the applicant and partner, in spite of the distance separating their geographical situation and their social and political context.“

- Jury-Statement