Portrait Lee Méir
© Andre Lewski

Lee Méir

  • Fellow 2019
  • Choreographer, based between Tel-Aviv and Berlin
  • Cooperation partner: École des Sables, Senegal

Lee Méir
École des Sables

Lee Méir is a freelance choreographer and performer working between Berlin and Tel-Aviv. Her work explores the tensions between language, movement, sound, and meaning production, and can be situated somewhere between playful and intense. During her fellowship time at the École des Sables (Senegal) she will focus on the way how rhythm functions as a means to create common grounds between human beings.

„Lee Méir offers another perspective on the exploration of the relation between body and movement, and says she is “interested in the way that sharing rhythm between modalities yields an unspoken sense of togetherness and continuity between humans. In African dances the elements, above all, support one another, in creating a situation in which everyone presents (whether dancing / singing / drumming / observing) are part of the “dance situation”, due to being part of the rhythm. She will explore this relation between body and rhythm at L'Ecole des Sables, a unique space to find the roots of the relation between music, body and a collective methodology, connected to a deep history and experience of dance and movement. Lee's work is compelling and striking in the boldness of her artistic choice and the way she implements and develops it. The contrast in style, aesthetic and language between her and her partner, and her desire to delve into this immersive partnership through the connecting bridge of rhythm, is intriguing and promises a potentially enriching and fruitful collaboration. We feel that Lee Méir will greatly benefit in working with a partner who is a contrast to her own work, acquiring a new set of tools and sensitivities that will enhance her artistic capabilities and experience“

- Jury-Statement