Purnendra Kumar Meshram cover image

Purnendra Kumar Meshram

  • Fellow 2023
  • dancer and choreographer from India
  • cooperating partner: Sudesh Adhana (Oslo, Norway)

Purnendra Kumar Meshram
Sudesh Adhana

Purnendra Kumar Meshram based in Chhattisgarh (IND) is a teacher, performer, and choreographer working internationally. Trained in various techniques of contemporary dance, hip-hop, and Kalaripayattu, he has worked as a performer with renowned choreographers such as Sudesh Adhana (IND/NOR), Robert Moses Kin (USA), and Sonia Rodriguez Hernandez (Europe). His artistic endeavors are driven by a desire to explore the complexities of human relationships and their impact on society and politics. His duet performance 2 Men won the first prize at Festival 10 Sentidos, Valencia (ESP), showcased at Dance Bridges Festival, Kolkata (IND) and at PECDA, Chennai (IND).

The fellowship allows Purnendra, to enter a 3-months mentorship with Sudesh Adhana, an acclaimed dancer and choreographer from India currently based in Oslo (NOR). Adhana’s contemporary performing arts platform Xproarts creates works that involve a cohesion of both, body and mind, and that reflect on the contemporary Indian political landscape, shedding light on matters and subjects that are conventionally ignored in society. Through his cooperation with Adhana, Purnendra aims to further define his own choreographic practice and approach. In his fellowship, he will observe Adhana’s choreographic and creative processes during rehearsals as well as during a residency at All Kulturhus.

"As a contemporary dancer originally from Chhattisgarh, India, Purnendra is strongly aspiring to widen his perspective and develop his artistic skills. The cooperation with Sudesh Adhana will be a catalyst for Purnendra in his transition from dancer to choreographer, offering him insights into working in larger choreographic dimensions and exposing him to a diverse cultural context. This fellowship will be highly enriching in knowledge and experience which Purnendra will be able to take back and share with his community in India."
- Jury Statement