Portrait Martha Hincapie Charry
© Rudi Bär

Martha Hincapié Charry

  • Fellow 2019
  • Choreographer, based in Berlin
  • Cooperation partner: Carlos Castaño Uribe / Kogui, Wiwa, Arhuaco & Kankumano community

Martha Hincapié Charry

Martha Hincapié Charry is a Colombian choreographer, dancer and performer, and artistic director, based in Berlin. She studied dance in Colombia and finished her studies in dance theatre and solo dance at the Folkwang Hochschule (Essen, Germany). During her fellowship she will stay in Sierra Nevada to follow the rhythms of the four indigenous communities that are part of the Tairona culture, learning new dances, intentions and philosophies that sustain the rituals and collective movements practiced at their ceremonies, offerings and celebrations.

„Martha Hincapié Charry is seeking to connect to her roots through a human encounter in the current context of a native indigenous community of her home country, Colombia. Exploring their traditional dance forms, at the edge of western civilization seems to be an answer to this sense of urgency. She expresses that her proposal “is the result of my choreographic interests since the subject of the indigenous pre-colonial traditions is part of my previous research. The importance of integrating this knowledge in my practice as a choreographer is given not only by the fact that it is endangered but also because it is rare to get access to it since they perform their ceremonies and celebrations privately. In the dialogues we have had, the groups Kogi and Wiwa have been open and interested in the fact of having an outsider witness of their dances”. We, the jury, felt it was important to seize this rare opportunity of a welcoming encounter with these native communities of Colombia and encourage and support this unique and potentially precious exchange through the medium of dance.“

- Jury-Statement