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© Sarah Friedland

Sarah Friedland

  • Fellows 2021
  • Choreographer and filmmaker, based in New York (USA)
  • Cooperation partner: Wen Hui und Eiko Otake

Sarah Friedland Eiko Otake

Cinematographer: Gabe C. Elder © Sarah Friedland

Sarah Friedland is a choreographer and filmmaker working at the intersection of moving images and moving bodies. Through hybrid, dance, and experimental filmmaking, multi-channel video installation, and site-specific live dance performance, she stages and scripts bodies and cameras in concert with one another to elucidate and distill the undetected, embodied patterns of social life and the body politic. Facilitating a research process integrating found movements, gestures, and postures from cinema and archival footage, embodied memories, and contemporary dance languages, she choreographs through practices of interviewing, pre- and re-enactment, adaptation, and improvisational play, shaping dances with diverse communities of performers and movers—from profess- ional dancers to cohorts of seniors and teenagers.

Sarah is cooperating with movement-based interdisciplinary artists Wen Hui and Eiko Otake over a period of 14 months. Throughout this time, they will meet digitally every two months for eight discussions in total. Through their cooperation Sarah aims at expanding her investigation of the relationship between embodied memory, choreography, and non-fiction film practices. During their discussions they will address questions such as: “How does the embodied interview exist as both a practice of dance-making, and a performative form?”, “How does the camera stage duets between bodies and places?”.

„An application that resounded with the Pina Bausch Fellowship’s 2021 briefing - that is - an online fellowship! The jury was inspired by Sarah’s commitment to expanded cinema practices. The jury was unanimous in Sarah’s choice of co-partners and the confidence she showed in her craft and the use of her co partner’s time and expertise.“
- Jury-Statement